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Straight Line Guide

Straight Line Guide

Characteristics of RIT-D Straight Line Guide
1. Our straight line guide has the features of high precision, long service life, high efficiency, low frictional resistance, high speed and low noise.
2. Finite element analysis is utilized to optimize the design of raceway cross-section, to acquire a larger rated load and rigidity.
3. The four-direction equivalent load design enables our straight line guide to bear the equivalent load from up and down, left and right.
4. Preload can be imposed on the linear guide to improve its rigidity.
5. Strict process control is adopted in the production of linear motion products. The slide block is designed with a retainer which can prevent the rolling elements from sliding, so some slide blocks are interchangeable.
6. The lubricating of our linear guide rail is quite simple. Lubricating nipple can be horizontally or laterally mounted on the slide block and grease can be jetted regularly by oil gun. Also, you can use special oil pipe joint to connect the oil pipe and utilize automatic oil feed machine to supply oil.
7. Numerical control management is applied thoroughly in the production of the linear guide to minimize the human error, thus ensuring the stability of quality.

As a professional straight line guide manufacturer in China, we have more than 50 years of experience in producing linear slide and ball screws. In addition to screw guides, we also offer rotary dryers, impact crushers, steelyards, organic fertilizer equipment and potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment, etc. All of our products come with 12-month warranty. Within the warranty period, we will be always ready to help you solve the problems you may encounter while using our products.

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