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Main Fertilizer Equipment

  • Rotary Drum Granulator Our granulation equipment adopts special rubber plate lining or acid resistant stainless steel lining plate. In our rotary drum granulator, the scar can be removed and the burl can be peeled automatically.
  • Rotary DryerRotary dryer, also known as drum dryer, is widely used for drying materials in cement industry, mineral industry, building material industry, chemical industry, food industry, fertilizer industry, etc .
  • Rotary CoolerIn rotary cooler, materials to be cooled rotate at a high speed, exchange heat with air through the rotation of shell body and finally are cooled down. The air can be used again and again after cooling.
  • Spray Granulation DryerOur fertilizer granulation dryer is a kind of new type, highly efficient and energy-saving granulating drying equipment which incorporates granulating, drying, internal sieving, internal crushing, internal recycling and some other processes into one.
  • Rotary Coating MachineOur rotary fertilizer coating machine is made up of mainframe, screw conveyor, mixing tank and oil pump. Our fertilizer granule coating equipment adopts powder spraying technology or liquid coating technology to cover the protection layer which can efficiently prevent the compound fertilizers from clotting.
  • Ball MillThe centrifugal force generated with the rotation of cylinder elevates the steel balls to a certain height. Then the steel balls fall down to the materials and grind them. After coarsely ground, materials enter into the second chamber through monolayer dividing board. The second chamber is designed with plane lining plate and steel balls.
  • Jaw CrusherJC-1 type crushing machine is especially designed for fine crushing in cement industry, mining industry, road construction, quarrying industry, and chemical industry, etc. Its technical index is superior to that of other crushers.
  • Belt ConveyorBelt conveyor is composed of mainframe, conveyor belt, two or more pulleys, tension device, and drive device, etc. The pulleys may be powered or unpowered. The powered pulley can cause the belt to move forward so it is called driving pulley, while the unpowered pulley is called idler.
  • Disc GranulatorDisc granulator is a kind of fertilizer pelletizing equipment that can be used in fertilizer production. It can process fertilizers into specific shape and the processed particles are of the same size. Our fertilizer granulator machine has the characteristics of simple structure, high granulating efficiency, reliable performance, long service life, easy operation, etc.
  • Vertical MixerVertical mixer is mainly used to mix bulk materials or granular materials, such as feed, fertilizers, putty powders, chemical powders, and so on. It is widely used in metallurgy, fertilizer manufacturing industry, building industry, and some other fields.
  • Bucket ElevatorBucket elevator, also known as bucket conveyor, is a kind of continuous conveying machinery mainly used to vertically convey flowable bulk materials, such as grain, fertilizers, coal, cement, clay, sand, ore, and other granular and powdery materials. It can convey a large quantity of bulk materials to a high height steadily.
  • Packing MachinePacking machine is used to pack materials, to beautify them, protect them from damage or make them convenient to transport. The materials to be packed can be liquid materials, bulk materials, lump materials, granular materials, food, and chemicals, just to name a few.
  • Vibrating ScreenOur vibratory screening equipment has the features of reliable performance, high durability, high screening capacity, easy operation, etc. It can be designed with single deck or double deck. As a professional vibratory screening machine manufacturer in China, we can also design vibration screening machine as per your specifications.
  • Rotary ScreenRight Machinery Company is a professional rotary screen manufacturer in China. Our rotary drum screen is mainly designed for use in the production of fertilizers.
    Our rotary screening equipment has the characteristics of easy operation, high performance, long service life, etc.
  • PulverizerPulverizer machine is mainly used to smash many materials into small granules. The grinding medium can be fertilizer, concrete, coal, rocks, etc.
    Our pulverizing equipment is mainly used in the production of fertilizers. It can be used individually or in conjunction with other fertilizer equipment.
  • Cyclone Dust CollectorCharacteristics of our industrial dust collector include simple and rational structure, easy operation, good resistance to high temperature, low running cost, high durability, low maintenance cost, high efficiency, etc.

As a professional manufacturer of fertilizer manufacturing units in China, we can provide many fertilizer equipment units, such as rotary drum granulators, rotary coolers, belt conveyors, vibrating screens, rotary dryers, and so on. These fertilizer units have the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, long service life and reliable performance. They can be used individually or used in combination with other fertilizer equipment.

Established in 1954, Right Machinery Company is a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer in China which has passed ISO9001:2008, ISO9001:2000 certification and ABS Quality Evaluation. In addition to main fertilizer equipment, we also offer organic fertilizer equipment, inorganic fertilizer equipment, urea granulation process equipment, potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment, BB fertilizer equipment, tower mixed fertilizer plants, NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment, etc.

Our fertilizer manufacturing equipment can be used in fertilizer industry, cement industry, chemical industry and mining industry, just to name a few. Due to their simple structure, high degree of automation, short maintenance time, low operating cost and long service life, they sell well in Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Bengal, Thailand, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and more.

Welcome to order our main fertilizer equipment.

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