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Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer

Characteristics of Rotary Dryer
1. Rotary dryer is a kind of cement equipment used to dry materials. This industrial dryer is mainly used in cement industry, mineral industry, building material industry, chemical industry, food industry, fertilizer industry, etc.
2. Our rotary drying machine is made up of rotary body, lifting blade, driving device, supporting device and sealing ring.
3. The rotary drum dryer has the features of rational structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption, reliable performance and easy operation, and so on.
4. The feeding device and discharging device are equipped with thermocouple, so the temperature change of the feeding end and discharging end of the rotary dryer can be clearly showed through the thermometer. This assists users in controlling the temperature inside rotary dryer at 350-380°.

Operating Principle of Rotary Dryer
Heat source of our rotary drying equipment comes from combustion apparatus. Our rotary dryer adopts counter flow type heating mode and the heating air supply goes into the dryer through discharge end.
The materials to be dried enter the oblique rotary dryer through feed box and are pushed to the back of the drum by spiral shoveling plate. On one hand, they flow to the rear due to gravity and rotary force. On the other hand, they are shoveled up repeatedly by shoveling plate, sent to the upper end and then fell down. This makes the materials fully exchange with the hot air and gradually the moisture in the materials are dried.

Parameters of Rotary Dryer
  Output(t)   Spec. Ø1.5×12 Ø1.5×14 Ø2.2×12 Ø2.2×14 Ø2.2×16 Ø2.2×18 Ø2.4×18.35
limestone 7~14 8~15 15~26 18~30 20~32 28~46 28~46
clay 3~6 3.4~7 7~13 8~15 9~17 10~16 10~16
slag 2.5~5 3~6 5~15 6~18 7~20 8~24 8~24
Barrel volume (m3)   21.2 25 45.6 53.2 60 81.43 83
The highest inlet temperature (℃)   800   800   800   800   800 800 800
Outlet temperature(℃)     100-200   100-200   100-200   100-200   100-200 100-200 100-200
Rotary speed(r/min)   8.4 8.4 8.4 8.4 8.4 4 3
  Driving device Motor type Y180L-6 Y200L1-6 Y200 Y225M-6 Y225M-6 Y250M-6 Y225M-6
power 15 18.5 22 30 30 37 37
Reducer type JZQ650-Ⅵ-4F JZQ650-Ⅵ-4F JZQ650-Ⅵ-4F JZQ650-Ⅵ-4F JZQ650-Ⅵ-4F JZQ850-Ⅲ-4F JZQ750-Ⅲ-4F
Speed ratio 15.75 15.75 15.75 15.75 15.75 31.5 40.17
Scatter plate type   life type and arc    
Total weight(kg) 16600 19400 21900 23200 24500 44320 44820

Right Machinery Company is a professional rotary dryer manufacturer and supplier in China. Our main products include fertilizer equipment, press brakes, impact crushers, industrial drying equipment, and so on. We have obtained ISO9001:2000 certification and ISO9001:2008 certification and our products are well received in Thailand, Iran, India, Egypt, Pakistan and more.

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