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What are your main products?
We mainly produce various kinds of fertilizer equipment, cement equipment, ball screw/ guiders, shearing machines, press brakes and plate rolling machines, etc.

Where can your products be used?
Our fertilizer equipment and other products can be used in the production of fertilizers, chemicals, cement, building materials, etc.

Why do you choose fertilizer equipment as your main products?
In 1980s, Shanghai Chemical Research Institute introduced fertilizer equipment from abroad. Since then, balanced fertilization and scientific fertilization has been spread widely. After long-term research and analysis, we are sure that fertilizer equipment will be more and more popular in the market. So we devote ourselves to the production of fertilizer equipment.

What are your technical advantages?
1. Our fertilizer equipment is highly automated. The batching process includes moisture,
temperature, and air pressure controls, and the packing process is also automatic.
2. All of our fertilizer equipment and cement equipment are rationally and scientifically designed for ease of maintenance and operator use. They are manufactured in accordance with the highest industrial standards. With more than 30 years of practical experience, we can design each production line according to the specific requirement of our customers.
3. Our products have the characteristics of high reliability, simple structure, durability, easy maintenance, and low operation cost.
4. They are produced in accordance with international environmental protection standards and do not emit pollution.

How do you reduce the production cost while you are producing fertilizer equipment and cement equipment?
We strictly adhere to the ISO9001 quality management system in every production process and carefully allocate physical resources and labor power to optimize the utilization of our resources. Large-scale equipment is highly automatic, which helps save labor cost. Besides, most of the component parts are manufactured by ourselves and a small portion of component parts are outsourced from nearby factories. Furthermore, we are located near highways, airports and sea ports, which will also help reduce the material purchasing cost.

How do you control the quality of fertilizer equipment and other products?
In order to ensure the quality of fertilizer equipment and other products, we implement strict quality control measures in the production of fertilizer equipment and cement equipment and designate special inspectors to inspect every production procedure.
Besides, all the steel products we utilize are purchased from well-known Baosteel Group Company and Masteel Group Company in China and are thoroughly inspected before they are put into use.

Are your fertilizer equipment and other products environmentally friendly?
Equipped with a cyclone dust collector and washing device, our fertilizer equipment and other products have zero-emissions and are pollution-free.

What are the common problems of fertilizer equipment and cement equipment? How do you overcome them?
In general, fertilizer equipment and cement equipment have problems with screening and crushing. They are usually easy to get stuck and of low crushing efficiency. To solve these problems, we take a series of measures. For example, we change the combination way of the chain of crushing machines to improve the crushing efficiency. The screening device is fitted with shaking device to prevent the sieve pore from blocking.

Which countries are your fertilizer equipment, cement equipment and other products exported to?
Our fertilizer equipment, cement equipment and other products are quite popular in Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Myanmar, Bengal, Thailand, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and more.

How long is your delivery time?
In general, the delivery time for fertilizer equipment and cement equipment is 3-4 months, the delivery time for rolling functional parts is 30-60 days, and the delivery time for shearing machines, press brakes and plate rolling machines is 60 days after the receipt of your order.

What kind of after-sale service does your company provide?
To better serve our customers, we can help with installation and any debugging of equipment, train your operators, and repair or replace accessory parts. Our after-sale service personnel are always ready to solve any technical problems you may encounter while using our fertilizer equipment, ball screw/ guiders, press brakes, shearing machines, etc.
Furthermore, all of our products come with a set of spare parts and a one year warranty.

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