Fertilizer Equipment and Cement Equipment in China

Right Machinery Company has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing fertilizer and cement equipment, such as organic fertilizer equipment, urea granulation equipment, BB and potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment for cement, construction, fertilizer, and chemical industries. All of steel materials we utilize are purchased from well-known Baosteel Group Company and Masteel Group Company in China. We have received ISO9001:2000, ISO9001:2008 certification, and passed ABS Quality Evaluations. More >>

  • Fertilizer Equipment
  • Fertilizer Production Line As a professional fertilizer production equipment manufacturer in China, we can produce NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment, urea granulation process equipment, BB fertilizer equipment, tower mixed fertilizer plants, potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment, rotary drum granulators, rotary dryers...More >>
  • Main Fertilizer Equipment
  • Main Fertilizer EquipmentAs a professional manufacturer of fertilizer manufacturing units in China, we can provide many fertilizer equipment units, such as rotary drum granulators, rotary coolers, belt conveyors, vibrating screens, rotary dryers, and so on. These fertilizer units have the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency...More >>
  • Cement Equipment
  • Cement EquipmentAs a professional cement equipment manufacturer in China, we can provide rotary kilns, cyclone dust collectors, windswept coal mills, ball mills, rotary dryers, separators, bucket lifters, steelyards, impact crushers and other cement making equipment. They are widely used in construction industry.More >>
  • Ball Screw/ Guider
  • Ball Screw/ GuiderA ball screw is mainly utilized to transform rotational motion to linear motion with little friction. Ball screw can be used to move control surfaces in aircraft and missiles, especially for electric fly by wire. It is also suitable for use in machine tools, robots, and precision assembly equipment. More >>
  • Rotary Dryer
  • Rotary DryerThe feeding device and discharging device are equipped with thermocouple, so the temperature change of the feeding end and discharging end of the rotary dryer can be clearly showed through the thermometer. This assists users in controlling the temperature inside rotary dryer at 350-380°. More >>
  • Rotary Cooler
  • Rotary CoolerIn rotary cooler, materials to be cooled rotate at a high speed, exchange heat with air through the rotation of shell body and finally are cooled down. The air can be used again and again after cooling. Our rotary air cooler is a kind of fertilizer units mainly used for rapid cooling of various fertilizers. More >>
  • Spray Granulation Dryer
  • Spray Granulation DryerOur rotary fertilizer coating machine is made up of mainframe, screw conveyor, mixing tank and oil pump. Our fertilizer granule coating equipment adopts powder spraying technology or liquid coating technology to cover the protection layer which can efficiently prevent the compound fertilizers from clotting. More >>

Established in 1954, Right Machinery Company is a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer in China with registered fund of 5 million USD and total assets of 38.3 million USD. We mainly produce various fertilizer equipment, cement equipment, screw guides, shearing machines, press brakes, etc. With more than 50 years of development, we now possess 628 staff among which 179 are professional technicians and cover a total area of 100,000 square meters and workshop area of 70,000 square meters. With 630 sets of production equipment, we have large production capacity and thus can deliver your fertilizer equipment within a short time.